How are teams formed

HCYB uses a system the tries to meet a balance of having fun with friends and balancing teams so that talent is spread evenly across a division.

Every attempt is made to accommodate every request possible from parents, players and coaches playing in the 4 and 5/6 division. These teams are formed by the Player Agent working in conjunction with the Board of Directors to meet as many requests as possible. The only guarantee that is promised are siblings being on the same team. We do our best to accommodate all other requests.

Beginning with age 7 and up the balance of talent in the division is a priority and requests other than siblings are not taken from parents, players or coaches. Please keep in mind nobody would enjoy the season if all of the most talented players always wanted to play together and were on the same team.

Understanding that sometimes parents and volunteer coaches sometimes have different values and techniques we do allow parents to request not to be on a certain coaches roster. This must be accomplished before teams are drafted.

Specific guidelines are in our bylaws on returning players and team formation for all ages.

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