Which Division should I sign up for

HCYB Little League and Little League International encourage parents to sign their children up for their Little League age division.  Please see the previous question for divisions we offer.  Recognizing that children have different levels of ability and some are new to baseball parents are allowed choices at certain ages.  

Parents may opt for players LL ages 9 and below to play down one division if parents feel this is advantageous to their child's development.  HCYB Board of Directors has the right to move the player up to their correct division if they feel it necessary for the safety of the younger division players.

Parents may opt for their child to play up one division.  

Players playing below their LL age are not eligible for post-season All-stars against other leagues.
Players playing above their LL age are only eligible in the division they are playing unless playing up to play with a sibling or hardship.

Parents must register their child in the correct LL age/division and submit in writing/email to [email protected] a request to move up/down.  You will receive a confirmation email confirming your child has been moved.

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